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Hospital Area Sealant Application

Infection control is extremely important within the hospitals and clinics. Our sealants consider this to be their top priority in maintaining a higher level of hygiene for these areas. We apply all kinds of fitting perimeters and fixtures in these areas and our sealants help to protect the growth of bacteria further.

At Hendersons Mastic man, we specialise in both internal and external floor jointing sealant application of hospitals.Our range of manufacturer’s heavy duty sealants in differentcolourswill suit all kinds of sealant applications such as high movement sealants for expansion joints

With our clean room sealants that are applied to fitting perimeters and fixtures, we allow easy cleaning to ensure the area is germ-free and hygienic. Sealing contraction joints, construction joints and isolation joints in floor slabs of hospitals are crucial to prevent damage in the long run.

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