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Internal Mastic

Internal Mastic Application means where our experts usesevere due diligence application technique which is quite similar to the quality materials used by us. The flexible curing silicone rubber sealants have particularly been designed for sealing areas where condensation is high and intermittent contact with food is possible. All the sealants used for sanitary sealing have a fungicide that is resistant to mould growth and mildew.

The mastic or silicon appliedis a part of acetoxy rubber sealants that consist of food grade fungicide and has good adhesion to various non-porous surface and non-staining.

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Some of our Internal Mastic Services are:

  • PVC-U windows.
  • Kitchen sinks.
  • Kitchen worktops.
  • Bathroom tiles.
  • Showers.
  • Hand basin.
  • Skirting.
  • Shower trays.
  • Plinths.
  • All fittings and sanitary wares.
  • All interior fixations.
  • Perdistore.
  • Curtain walling and much more.

Our professionals pay proper heed to all Internal Mastic Application and ensure all thejobs are sealed to meet the highest standards according to the requirement of the building.

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