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We are in a partnership with the leading mastic sealant manufactures in the world to provide the best material in the industry.

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Professional Mastic Man:

Hendersons Mastic Man is a thoroughly professional mastic man company in London, UK. We work with professionals who have great expertise and years of experience in the sealant application. Both our mastic men and sealant applicators have been providing their service in the residential and commercial sector for many years. This has enabled us to incorporate contemporary style with superior workmanship.

We are partners with leading sealant manufactures in the UK. Our mastic man rates are pretty nominal and easily fit into every budget. We have already mastered using low and high modulus silicone sealants such as elastomeric, polymer, polysulfate and si-hybrid sealants that are used on the particular substrate based on the kind of work you need to do. Our professionals provide quality sealants in the industry to customers at competitive rates.

Our experts possess in-depth knowledge and great expertise that has enabled them to attain afirm and smooth finishto meet the expectations of our clients, every time we deliver them our services. Our application techniques ensures that your kitchen, bathroom or exterior masonry will be sealed tightly against any kind of leakage, drafts and movements, thus allowing you to enjoy your new space without any trouble.

We offer exceptional service to each of our clients on a domestic and industrial level. Thus, we do not compromise on quality when it comes to delivering our valuable services.

If you are looking for a reliable sealant applicator or Mastic Man in Surry, Sussex or Essex, then you have come to the right place. We cater to both interior mastic and exterior mastic applications.

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